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Body Care

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  1. -35% VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit  (Set of 5)

    VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit: VLCC Pediglow Foot Cleanser - It prevents nail diseases and disorders VLCC Myrrh cuticle oil - It cleanses, exfoliates dull layers of dead skin on hands & feet VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit - It smoothens, retextures and softens the skin on hands &

  2. -35% VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit  (Set of 4) VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit  (Set of 4)
    For the intense cleansing and beautifying of your feet, you can get your own Pedi Glow foot Care Kit from VLCC, featuring a foot cleanser, a foot scrub, a foot
Set Descending Direction