Gold Facial Kit


Gold Facial Kit


Package Contains: Gold Deep Cleanser Cream, Gold Scrub, Gold Massage Gel, Gold Face Pack, Gold Maximum Moisturiser, Smooth shine skin serum

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

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    Gold leaf, Marigold oil, Wheat Germ oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Turmeric oil, Sunflower oil, Grape seed oil, rosewater, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil.


    ✔Removes impurities & dirt : It cleans off the impurities & dirt by deep penetrating the skin and Deep cleansing .
    ✔Revitalizing & Rejuvenating effects : Repair skin tissues
    ✔Improves Blood circulation: Presence of Gold improves oxygen flow and thus blood circulation
    ✔Enhance skin elasticity: Increase collagen in skin to facilitate skin elasticity
    ✔Anti ageing properties: Reduce fine lines, dull skin and wrinkles
    ✔Helps Reduce Melanin: Repair Skin Pigmentation by decreasing Melanin

    Step 1: Gold Deep Cleanser Cream

    Cream based cleanser composed of gold leaves to deep clean the skin and remove impurities and dirt, leaving your skin perfectly clean and fresh.

    Directions for Use: Pour out a generous quantity of it & gently massage with finger tips making upward & outward strokes all over neck and face. Remove with moist cotton swab.

    Step 2: Gold Facial Scrub

    Doing Scrub will remove impurities, pollutants, oil and dirt from deep pores to purify skin to achieve flawless healthy skin.

    Directions for Use: After cleansing, take tiny amount of Gold facial scrub and gently rub your neck and face in circular motions to scrape dead skin cells from surface. Rinse off with cold water.

    Step 3: Gold Massage Gel

    Moisten Skin, Take good amount of Massage gel and apply it all over face and neck. Massage it onto your face in Circular Strokes, clockwise & anticlockwise for 15 mins and leave it on. Use it Twice in a Day.

    Step 4: Gold Face Pack

    Gold Face Pack is a unique blend of precious gold extracts, botanical produces and rare herbs that rejuvenate and replenish your skin to lend it a natural sheen.

    Directions for Use: Apply Gold face pack evenly all over face and neck. Leave it for 20 mins. Remove by gently massaging with wet fingers.

    Step 5: Gold Maximum Moisturizer

    Pamper your skin in the most rich, most soothing way with this Gold Maximum Moisturizer.

    Directions for Use: After cleaning your face, apply it all over face & neck. Gently massage till it gets absorbed completely.

    Step 6: Smooth shine skin serum

    This unique product by Oxyglow gives added moisture & nutrients while penetrating deep into the skin. It prevents dark spots, wrinkles & acne, leading to perfectly hydrated skin with zero stickiness and superb shine.

    Directions for Use: Spread 2-4 drops of serum onto face & neck. Leave on.

    • Instant Shine on face
    • Improves Skin complexion
    • Brighten and Polished Skin
    • Soft and healthy looking skin
    • Sparkling, Hydrating and youthful appearance

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