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About Us

Alpine Cart is an Online Shopping Platform started in the year 2016 by its parent company Alpine Soft IT Solutions. The Company was inaugurated by Mr. Arvind Kanaujia and Ms. Raina Kanaujia who are also the Directors of the company. Alpine Cart aims to sell products related to beauty, hygiene and Wellness for both Women and men. We have been marketing and selling products at a very genuine rate and the company’s performance is the witness of its credibility and performance. In a country of 1 billion people and hundreds of cities and towns with internet spreading its reach to almost all part and corner of the country, it has become mandatory to market the product keeping in mind the requirement and study the online behavior of the customer.

We at Alpine Cart study the market ethics and accordingly put the best products forward for sale on our websites. We are genuine partners of ‘Oxyglow Herbals’ and ‘VLCC’ products and deliver it to you at your doorsteps no matter wherever you live. Alpine Cart has its head office at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi and has been excellently imparting its services with a team of Experienced and Youth in its rankings. Like any other organization, Alpine Cart also has competitors. But what separates us from our competitors is the genuineness of our products. We guarantee 100 percent genuineness or originality with our product. This factor adds up to our credibility and hence we become more trustworthy towards our customer. For us customer satisfaction is most important. It is always heard and found that many users find it difficult to use E-Commerce Websites and hence are not able to place orders. But AlpineCart’s website is made extremely user friendly and hence it attracts more users and they do not need to be tech savvy to use it. With that we also offer an easy return and exchange policy.


How many time would you say “hi beautiful” to yourself while looking at a mirror in a day maybe not everytime. With the busy schedule of daily life it is difficult to look beautiful throughout the day. Now if we say that we have something to offer that would make your face Glow and Shine throughout the day will you believe us. Yes our team of Alpinecart has brought wide range of facial kits for you that will help you regain the facial glow and cleanse your skin. We are official online sellers of VLCC and OxyGlow and both of them have varieties of facial kits. Facial kits are cosmetics which have to be applied on the face and follow the stipulated rules allotted to it. There are facial kits available on the basis of different skin types. We have different facial kits for soft skins, tight skins, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skins etc.

It is essentially important to clear and hydrate our face every day. To protect the skin from harmful dirt and pollutants oxyglow has brought various face wash creams and gels varying on the basis of your skin type. Our facial skin is very sensitive and needs to be protected. Oxyglow has f ace wash for every type of skin whether dry or oily. So go ahead and chose one for you.


For a clearer skin it is recommended to use Facial Scrub and Facial Mask chemicals once in a stipulated period time. Scrub helps in deep cleansing of the skin and mask helps in giving an extra glow to skin. Mask and Scrubs are available for different skin types and of different compositions. So go ahead and chose one for you.


Facial kits are collection of various facial creams. It provides complete face care solution and promises to re nourish and bring a beautiful glow to your facial skin. Oxyglow has variety of facial kits varying on the basis of composition it has. One must select the one which is most suitable to their skin. So go ahead and chose one for you.


Face creams are used for the purpose for re moisturizing our facial skins. For that Oxyglow has brought various face creams based on various compositions helping the skin to rejuvenate. So select the one which matches your skin requirement and order it now from Oxyglow.


Bleach cream are used for whitening or brightening up the skin. It helps in removing the acne marks to an extent and also effective in removing age spots. Oxyglow’s bleach cream are proven best in removing melanin from the skin. There are many variants of bleach creams available at Oxyglow so go ahead and order one for you.


Massage creams are used as the name suggests for facial massage of the skin. They speed up the blood circulation of face and helps more oxygen to come to the face. Oxyglow has many variants of face massage cream and it also acts as an anti ageing massage cream. So go ahead and order one for you.